Hand-colored Black & White Photography Fine Art - Pablo Teebs/Paul Kemnitzer
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Below are reviews about Paul Kemnitzer's writing and photographs contained in The Western Gate: Volume I & II.

"Just finished your books. Some of your tales of waves ridden at The Ranch and in Australia are amongst the best I have read ( and I have read a lot of books/journals written by surfers ) I can see, sort of, how you can move 1100 miles inland after 60 years surfing some of the best uncrowded waves on our planet. Your tales of the Bluff and your local waves at The Ranch are mouth watering."

Andrew Forest, Cornwall, England

"The most beautiful books I have ever seen."

Rick Sawyer, Santa Barbara, California

"What a beautiful collection of photographs and text of your life. A truly remarkable effort. In todays overblown, hype and crassness this really stands proud."

John Comer, Todos Santos, Baja

"Absolutely stunning."

Leonadi Ward, Carpinteria, California

"What an opus magnum you have created. Find a comfortable, place, sit back, relax and enter the pages of this book. Allow the author-artist to take you on a journey into a life filled with the ocean, land, sacred sites, waves to infinity, and a passion for a life dedicated to nature. I hope it will inspire, change, and open you to wonderful things inside yourself."

Dr. Gary Groth-Marnat, Gaviota, California

"The Western Gate I & II is a superb production and testament to a life well-lived. The delicately hand-coloured photographs are Paul's craft and in this testimonial to his life's journey, they are linked to diary extracts from his surfing trips to Australia in 1987 and 1994, to reflections on his childhood and growth years, acknowledgement of mentors and life influencers, living on the isolated Hollister Ranch (CA) and the haunting poetry of John McCaslin.

"But there is a larger purpose to this beautiful publication as seen in the dedication: For Ari and Reid. So they'll know. This encapsulation of a life's journey in two volumes is to provide a heritage for Paul's daughter and grandson. A beautiful legacy.

"Yet the books have a wider appeal. The journal entries of surfing expeditions to Australia are replete with anecdotes, surfing lore, a strong sense of adventure and meditations on life and the environment. The volumes will speak to the hearts of all travelers. The combination of beautiful photography, reflections on life, journal entries and meditative poetry speak to all of us who travel life’s journey and invite us to join Paul in acknowledging an adventurous life, simply lived."

Tim and Carmel Brady, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia