Hand-colored Black & White Photography Fine Art - Pablo Teebs/Paul Kemnitzer
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The Western Gate
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The Western Gate I & II

A life's photographic work! Published in 2019 by Pablo Teebs Publishing/Paul Kemnitzer.

The Western Gate I & II is a compilation of hand colored black and white photos taken between 1974 and 2017 almost entirely printed in a solar powered darkroom in the back country of the Hollister Ranch on the stunning Gaviota coast in California.

One volume is entirely of Australia with pictures taken during three trips in 1987, 1994/1995 and 1996 and including journal entires from two of those trips. The other volume includes pictures from the Hollister Ranch on the Gaviota coast where I lived for 40 years, the British Isles, portraits and the American southwest. Text is from my life in those and other places. Throughout are surfing pictures and stories of a life lived devoted to na- ture and the surfing life.

The book marks the end of a photographic journey begun in the heyday of photographic film and paper and ending with its demise, leaving a legacy of timeless one of a kind photographs.

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The Western Gate
Volume I & II

Published 2019

Hardcover Edition, $200.00 + $10.00 S&H

PDF Edition, $35.00


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Volume I - Australia



Volume II - Gaviota Coast, British Isles, Portraits, Southwest